How to use ... iCosmic Codes | PART 1 | Applications

Como utilizar...los iCódigos Cósmicos | PARTE 1 | Aplicaciones

How to use the Codes?

• The Codes (cards with symbols) can be selected in 3 different ways:

1. Requesting help from your Conscious Being or inner guide [iSelf] and letting your intention or inner voice guide you

2. Through testing with the pendulum. (Instruction is included in this handbook, does NOT include pendulum).

3. Through Kinesiology.

• For the use of templates (which are included in other text of this blog), it is recommended to read the instructions and recommendations carefully before using it for the first time.

• You can always use one or more Codes

• Harmonization is done in all dimensions, space and time. For this reason, sometimes you will see a physical change, or a change in behavior, or a change in attitude or neither; this is because what we believe to be correct is not always aligned with Divine intention. Therefore, you must always place the intention that it is for the highest good of everything and everyone.

• All harmonizations are kept for as long as you consider necessary, as well as testing with a pendulum or through kinesiology.

• All harmonization works can be placed one on top of the other, that is, they can be stacked. This can be done by pasting the work on cardboard. 

Use or application of the Pleiadian Codes of Consciousness and the Orion Codes of Consciousness:

Energize bottles of water or glass of water.

  • Place codes under the bottles or glasses of water, etc. to charge you with these energies.

Energize food.

  • Place codes inside the refrigerator or pantry to charge food with these energies.

Harmonization of places such as the home, office, therapy spaces, massage tables, offices, etc.

  • Place codes in the specific places of the house, office, warehouse, etc. where you feel the dense energy or testing with the pendulum where they are needed.
  • Before going to sleep, place codes around the bed (in a circle) and remove them the next day.
  • Place codes under the therapy table to transfer the energy you require or around it.
  • Placing codes within the office or therapy spaces, in the areas where you need to have those energies, you can do it by testing with the pendulum or Kinesiology, where they are needed.
  • Place codes on and around the photograph of the physical space that you want to harmonize.
  • To achieve the sale or rent of a physical space, place codes on the photograph of this and on a piece of paper write the action that you require "rent or sale of this house for the highest profit" .. (practical example 2)

Harmonization of Emotions and the Physical Body.

  • Place codes under the mattress to harmonize an emotion, a physical pain or to rest and sleep better.

Harmonization between people.

  • Recommendation: make harmonizations with close people to have a more harmonious relationship; since where we have greater energetic ties, they can be entangled. As close people, reference is made to parents, childrens, workers, employees, etc.

Use or application of the Code ti-MaLu_uu

  • Before going to sleep, place codes ti-MaLu_uu at the head of your bed and feet, under the pillow or under the mattress at the height of the feet.This will help to release the unconscious resistances, sometimes we only dare to go out from the comfort or convenience zone, when our level of discomfort and suffering is higher than our fear of change.
  • Place a code ti-MaLu_uu at the entrance of the house, so that everyone who enters connects with the energy of universal love.
  • To energetically clean a pendulum, which is in the dense part of the physical, place it on top of a ti-MaLu_uu code for at least 10 minutes every week or a couple of minutes before using it.
  • Use it to lighten or cleanse energies in your physical body or pains, placing a ti-MaLu_uu code on the affected part (stomach, etc.), or you can make circular movements, or up, or down on the part of the body to try. The movement is chosen according to what you feel will give you the most benefit.

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