What is ... the iLanguage aKhu•na | Light Language, Cosmic Language of Consciousness for the New Human

Que es... el iLenguaje aKhu•na | Lenguaje de Luz, Lenguaje Cósmico de Conciencia para el Nuevo Humano

Cosmic Light Language for the New Human (iLanguage aKhu•na)

The Cosmic Language gives us direct access to the high vibrational messages of the Universe ... Multiverse. These messages come in 3 expressions:

1. iSound | Consciousness Sound - vocals (Tone) Cosmic language in the form of sound and harmonies. Tangible form of cosmic language. Manifestation in sound waves of cosmic information. They are harmonies of sound of cosmic consciousness that support your evolutionary journey to become a New Human (Umi Na uLa).

2. iMovement | Light Movements (Body Movements). Cosmic language in the form of Movement and Sequence. The least tangible form of the Cosmic Language. Manifestation of movements of cosmic information in the form of light. These are like "Invisible Lasers" that contain information from cosmic consciousness, to support your evolutionary journey towards becoming a New Human. (Umi Na uLa).

3. iCodes | Sacred Pleiadian Codes and Sacred Orion Codes (symbol cards). Cosmic language in the form of Symbol, Color and Geometry. The most tangible form of the Cosmic Language. Physical manifestation of cosmic information. Divine holographic keys containing cosmic consciousness information that support your evolutionary journey to become a New Human (Umi Na uLa).

Together, these messages create the Cosmic Synergy of the Cosmic Language to contribute to the evolution of humanity.

The Cosmic Language is the root of all kinds of sacred languages that we know as Aramaic, Sanskrit, Ancient Hebrew, Quechua, etc.

The Cosmic Language has no meaning, but an intention and an essence. The Cosmic Language is a tool that needs your conscious responsibility to express your result. Everything you do, think, feel and say has an impact on your life, you are the creator, whether you are aware of it or not. All your cells are listening to you. You are communicating with yourself to create at all times.

Assuming your role in your creation, it allows you to choose and change many things in your life, although sometimes it is uncomfortable to be 100% responsible for your creations.

The power of intention is a frequency created by you, and you attract what you are, not what you want.

The congruence between what you think, feel and carry out is what you will see as your results. Achieving the same alignment of these three stages of creation is what will make you create what you really want.


I think: "I can't believe that governments don't act more effectively to lower pollution levels in the world's big cities."

Situation: My co-worker proposes to me, due to the closeness we have between our respective houses, that from next week on we go to work just in one car.

Action: I decide NO because it means waking up 10 minutes before my normal schedule. With this decision, you are in the opposite of your thinking.

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