What are ... the Pleiadian Codes and Orion Codes | Description

Que son... los Códigos Pleyadianos y Códigos Orión | La Descripción

The Pleiadian Codes of Consciousness and the Orion Codes of Consciousness are cards with symbols representing the universal language of very high vibration light channeled by Lilly Wong. Each symbol, is a divine holographic key.

The Codes are such powerful tools that they have a superior action than other methods, being able to complement it with the help of a pendulum.

These card games will help you harmonize places or things, energize objects, water, places, food or whatever you require.

These cards are also to help you solve some questions, doubts or needs that you have in specific in your daily life. With them you will discover and learn to take advantage of your psychic energy, to stay away from negative energy, to take control and to reconnect with yourself.

The Codes will also help you:

  • Harmonize emotions and thoughts.
  • Harmonize with the parts of your body.
  • Harmonize relationships with close people or to have more harmonious relationships around you.
  • Energetically clean a pendulum, crystals, etc.
  • They also support you on your own path of evolution and ascension. 

Product Information

Pleiadian Consciousness Codes  

144 + 1 Pleiadian Consciousness Code Cards. 12 + 1 Series | The Collection | 4 Sets divided into:

SET 1 | SERIES 1-3 | [i]Harmonization of the Body

SET 2 | SERIES 4-6 | Quantum [i]Harmonization of Energy Channels

SET 3 | SERIES 7-9 | [i]Alignment of your Quantum Self

SET 4 | SERIES 10-12 | [i]Manifestation of your Quantum Self

Each card set includes 3 iCode cards ti-MaLu_uu, 1 card from the guide Ulane Na mi- o and a USER GUIDE showing "vibrational messages" for each symbol (iCode). 

iCodigos Pleyadianos

Orion Consciousness Codes They are presented in a single package.

 36 + 1 Orion Consciousness Code Cards

It includes a USER GUIDE, which is the perfect accompaniment to the cards, showing the direct connection of each iCode with the unconditional consciousness of an earthly animal.

Includes a letter representing the guide and guardian of the entire Set 1 series  "The Jaguar" 

i.N.i .. Ari = - Mä. You ==.

iCodigos de Orion

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