What are ... the Holographic Cosmic [i]Blueprint | Description

Planos Maestros cósmicos holográficos, Cosmic Holographic Blueprints

About the Holographic Cosmic [i]Blueprint

They are holograms that reflect different universal essential consciousnesses. Each represents the synergy of many Codes of light ... Codes of Consciousness.

Imagine that they are like a GPS or multidimensional Cosmic Map.

You can use them to:

  • align yourself to the cosmos, to express more of the potential of your soul.
  • upgrade your entire system, to have vitality, strength and clarity
  • harmonize your physical, metal, emotional and energetic body, to increase your resilience ability.
  • remember your cosmic potential and your universal gifts, to express your unique Self. 

Just by viewing the holograms, you can integrate more of these consciousnesses into yourself. Therefore:

  • You will have more balance and more interior in all areas of your life. 
  • You are going to upgrade your physical dualistic self to a quantum self.
  • You will continue to evolve and ascend towards a New Human.

With love, unity, joy and cooperation is how we will be able to express this New Human. Many times we hear that the new is coming and we want to have it very quickly, instead of continuing to harmonize so that it happens automatically.

When you are visualizing put your intention, visualize, focus on what you want to change or improve in your life. And at that moment begins a transfer of energy-frequency-consciousness and since everything is multidimensional (that is, nothing is linear), you can update your entire system from any point.

Message from the Pleiadian Mothers

"The Holograms contain all the wisdom of the Universe from the beginning to the end of Time. It is a cosmic database at your fingertips, so that you slowly remember your cosmic potential and thus contribute to planetary Evolution, co-creating a much desired New Reality ascending." The Pleiadian Mothers

Product description

In all holograms there is a basic multidimensional lattice TarMaJo-o (the [i]Matrix of Cosmic Consciousness). A multidimensional vehicle that can help you align; sky-earth, with the GAIA grids, with the ley lines, and with all the energy systems - known and to be known.

A Cosmic Gift of the Pleiadian, Eloheim and Dolphinica Consciousness to strengthen your energy field and consciousness.

Ule niAmo_ne-i-a | Lillithgram 

  • Cosmic Feminine Awareness | Essence
  • Space, Magnetism, Sound | Creation
  • Archetypes: Lilith, Anna, Guadalupe

Ule niAmo_ne-i-a | Lillithgram

_Unni Mane ... o Horusgram

  • Male Consciousness Cosmic | Existence
  • Time, Electricity, Movement | Design
  • Archetypes: Horus, Merlin, Ashtar

_Unni Mane...o | Horusgram

Uli_ame- • | Dragonsgram 

  • Child Cosmic Consciousness | Presence
  • Space-Time, Electromagnetism, Codes (Shape and Color) | Matter
  • Archetypes: The Dragon Consciousness

Uli_ame-• | Dragonsgram

eM-asceTe•i•a  | Venusgram 

  • Cosmic Synergy Consciousness | Expression of your Being Avatar (Master Self)
  • The All (Oneness) 
  • Archetypes: Isis, Osiris and the Venus Consciousness

eM-asceTe•i•a  | Venusgram

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