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Lilly Wong, Cosmic Visionary, Cosmic Shaman, Cosmic Doula, Visionaria Cosmica, Pionera Cosmica, Doula Cosmica, Chamana Cosmica

Hi i'm lilly wong

Many years ago I left a prosperous career and a love marriage to rediscover my iSelf (True Self). Although my life was "good", I knew that there was an important ingredient that was missing: Myself - My Self.

People were telling me that I was making the biggest mistake of my life. No one understood my decision or what I was really going through.

Even I didn't really understand what was going on! I was depressed but my great pride, I could not admit it. But my body was getting sick. I did not sleep for 2 years. But he felt deeply that he must follow this new path. 

My Soul knew that I was here for something more, to give more. So I kept going. 

Eventually other people reached out to me at the right time to support me in my journey of self-mastery. I began to see beyond my layers of self-protection and to remember (iRemember) everything that I had no longer been willing to see in myself: my gifts, my power. (For all my earthly angels a GREAT ti-MaLu_uu - COSMIC THANKS)

And I began to channel tools that helped me Remember my Divine Purpose. 

The more I opened myself to these tools, the more I received. I started channeling angels, archangels, and Ascended Masters. It felt great to use this guide for myself but it didn't open up to others. 

He doubted me so much. I was very afraid to show my gifts to others, what will they think of me?

But one day I knew it was time to introduce myself to my dad as a channel to help him with a challenge he had at the time. It was not easy, but i did it. 

I decided that if I could reveal myself as a channel to my dad, I could tell the whole world. 

And so I did from that moment. I no longer hid my gifts behind "personal development". I came out of the closet as Channel. Many Beings of Light began to communicate with me in languages that I already knew until then such as English, Spanish and German. 

One day, a conscience came and told me to take a piece of paper and start drawing because I would not be able to understand his name. This being presented himself as Pferradusche- the first Pleiadian guide of many that I would begin to channel and co-create.

This is how I first channeled the aKhu•na Language in the form of iCode (Code of Consciousness). 

Later he asked me to channel through my voice, but not in a language that I knew. He said that the languages we know are very limited. They, the Pleiadian guides, want to send more information of consciousness without limitations. 

This is how I first spoke in Akhu•na language and I said his name .... my first iSound (Sound of Consciousness).  

At the same time Lilith asked me if I could channel these new called light frequencies through my body. She asked me to unite my body to hers and Gaia's allowing my body to move on its own.  

This is how I began to manifest the Akhu•na language through the iMovements | Soul iMovements© (Movements of the Soul)

Ela Ane Amanea is my cosmic multiversal team, together We continue to manifest these innovative tools to support people like you in the process of Ascension and Conscious Evolution towards a New Human, a New Humanity, a New Multiverse. Umi Na uLa.

These tools have waited to be remembered ... I was born to share these new divine technologies with you.

The great purpose is the creation of 6 New Universes. I contribute as a Visionary, Pioneer, Doula and Cosmic Shaman.

I live in full constant gratitude ... eTe Ne•a•UniMa!

#IAmImmune #IAmMultidimensional


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