The Frequency 13:20

The Mayan civilization  measures time according to several astronomical alignments, among which:

1) Moon Cycles
2) Solar Cycles
3) Venusian Cycles
4) Pleiades
5) "Long count", that represents the complete revolution of the sun around the center of the galaxy.

These accounts are totally interconnected and the Earth is governed by these cycles. Time, for the Mayans, is four-dimensional and is known as the 13:20 frequency.
Fourth-dimensional time is a Radial Harmonic Matrix, whose function is to inform the biology of life.

  • Matrix:  it is a Pattern or Principle that allows gestating or creating.
  • Radial: it is a Frequency of “simultaneous continuous”, it is a permanent now that creates simultaneity (relationships of coincidence). This radial frequency has the function of creating Holospheres.
  • Holon: totality that is part of another totality and implies a bidirectional flow of information between structures. These holospheres create increasingly complex synchronies.

Therefore, the Radial Harmonic Matrix is a resonance of the harmonics that are created in the “simultaneous continuum” creating syntropy (order); this matrix creates increasingly complex and varied levels of harmonies.
The Harmonic Matrix is ​​made up of 13 tones (numbers), that are primary patterns of radiant energy known as radiant pulsars, and 20 symbols that are synchronized creating cycles of frequency possibilities to transform or evolve. In the interplay of these 13 tones and 20 seals lies the galactic code bank.

Frecuencia 13:20

These 13 tones needs to convert three-dimensional time to fourth-dimensional time,  which is known as the Thirteen Moon Synchronary, because it introduces us to the synchronic order, that is  Galactic Self-creation.

Each lunar cycle on the earth is a constant of 28 days, which generates a cyclical and regular matrix that allows an ordering of the biological reality of all life on the planet, sustained by the Feminine Principle. This matrix has an effect on DNA, or genetic sensitivity, creating patterns of perfection.

The Synchronary, therefore, is an instrument to harmonize the human mind with the mathematical principles of nature, leading the "Soul" back to the divine perfection of the universal order, reintroducing new levels of perfection, order and cosmic knowledge, allowing to ascend in the evolutionary path, towards ever greater perceptions of the Being and of Divine Order.

13 LunsaIt is very easy to follow this 13 moon Synchronary: each moon is made up of 4 heptads (weeks):

  • First Red Heptad: used to start something
  • Second White Heptad: used to refine
  • Third Blue Heptad: used to transform
  • Fourth Yellow Heptad: allows maturation or brings to action


The 7 Radial Plasmas (days) is from where the galactic information enters:

  • Dali: crown chakra
  • Seli: root chakra
  • Spectrum: chakra 3 eye
  • Kali: sex chakra
  • Limi: Solar Plexus chakra
  • Silio: Heart chakra


Plasmas Radiales

The 20 galactic archetypes are frequencies emanating from the Sun (connected to the Central Sun of Alcyon) and represent the Masculine Principle. Each Moon is governed by a galactic archetype. Each Tun (year) there is a different archetype, therefore, in a Tun the 13 moons are combined with 13 galactic archetypes.


The number 13 marks an evolutionary spiral and, since the fourth-dimensional time is fractal the evolutionary cycles are divided into 13 days, 13 moons, 13 years (and so on) that are synchronized with each other allowing evolution at different levels.

13 X 20 = 260, which are the permutations of the Tzolkin loom (Mayan count) that are being emanated daily by the solar and lunar frequencies creating the Order of Telepathic Reality: as you daily tune into these frequencies, telepathy awakens.



Blog 12 - Frecuencia 13:20

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