This beautiful word in aKhu • na iLanguage, is the consciousness of Innate.

The Innate is the intelligence of the Body: it is the one that communicates with every cell, DNA strands, the soul, past lives, your Quantum self. It is, so to speak, the fibre optic of our body. 

The Innate is like the Light Beings: it is necessary to call upon it to act with us, because it respects our decisions. As we have free will, it allows us to have our own experiences, but it is always there for us when we choose to communicate with it. 

By engaging in a communication with it, in the process of our personal evolution, we let it know that we are ready, here and now. Ready to heal wounds, to let go of outdated thoughts, patterns and paradigms, to balance emotions, to harmonise, to regenerate, to reprogram, to heal our physical body. Ready to take that leap or that step in consciousness and decision.  


Among all its infinite qualities , the T.t.A. (TarMaJo-o, ti-Malu_uu, Ana'a Anamaka) Suit  brings the consciousness of i_Noa and that it can nourish us with its energy from the Quantum body, letting Innate know that we are ready to remember who we are. 


Innate is your best friend, by having a good relationship with him you have direct access to  i_Noa,  which will provide you with everything you need so that your path to the evolution of your soul is the way you need it.  


It is up to you to sustain and maintain that beautiful relationship and strengthen it day by day, listening to their needs through your intuition, it is even fun to realize how they communicate.

You can learn more about this wonderful wisdom of your innate in the [i] TtA Cosmic Suit Activationshttps://bit.ly/2Z3MzYn



Patty Proal

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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