Intuition: looking within without reasoning,presentiments, sixth sense; some give these definitions.

That whisper that you hear within you is your soul trying to communicate with you. Intuition is the means of communication that the Soul  uses to send messages to the Being.

We are not used to listening to it, to paying attention to it.  In fact, many times we doubt that which comes from within and we do not know what it is, we question it, and we decide to pay more attention to the mind than to the heart, because we are more mental or rational.

Intuition is the guide of the soul, which comes spontaneously when we go into the calm.

Intuition is like a muscle: you have to exercise it, to strengthen it and make it flow with greater intensity. Every morning, every night, quiet your mind and listen to it or just connect to it and feel its vibration. Enter into that communion between your inner being and your physical being and open that channel within you.

One way to learn and exercise your intuition is by meditating. When you manage to quiet the mind, you can listen without any hindrance to your inner voice.

By achieving harmony with your inner self, your iSelf, you will find the answer to everything you need.

Strive to be in conscious tune with yourself, connect with the Source, with Everything and Nothing, and this leads you to live in more coherence with your inner being.

If you bring intuitive calm to your daily practices, you will be connecting more and more to your soul, to your iSelf, and when your intuition is sufficiently developed, you will find immediate understanding and receive the answers that will be arriving in response to each request that you do. Meditate, activate the light in you and allow the light of the cosmos and of the Light Beings to communicate with you through their vibration.

By having your mind calm and trust in yourself, you will be able to choose the best solution to your questions or doubts. Give value to your intuition, believe in it. I remind you that it is the voice of your soul and it always puts in front of you what you need most and it is good for your evolution.


Patty proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center


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