Holographic Cosmic Master [i]Blueprints - Grams

What we know as Grams in the Timalu Academy are Holographic Cosmic [i]Blueprint, and they have come to support us in our personal and planetary evolution-illumination process.
They are receptors of universal consciousnesses, creating a beautiful synergy with messages translated in codes of light.


As their base they have a beautiful Cosmic Conscience Matrix, created by Pleiadian, Dolphinic, and Eloheim. A multidimensional TarMaJo-o net, which has arrived as a gift to humanity to live our own processes in pure consciousness. They align us with Earth, its intraterrestrial mesh, and the Cosmos.
Formed by a structure composed by axes of light and consciousness that works like a grand central where information comes and goes from all realities, dimensions, memories, multiverses, and beyond. 
They have the great peculiarity of aligning all the known and to be known Systems in you and yourself with the Cosmos, expanding within and without multidimensionally.
They update your complete System, harmonize your emotions and thoughts, they allow you to remember your qualities as an essence and express them through your Internal Being iSelf.  Expanding yourself as a consciousness and fusing with the universe, in union with the •Uni Ma source.


You can visualize them, bring them with yourself on your body and integrate them, feel them. You can add Pleiadian iCodes, or Orion ones, for more nutrition.
Don’t miss your chance of having them with you, you can obtain them and work deeply and know more about them through the different programs the Timalu Academy offers


You can obtain them through this link: https://bit.ly/3qW4PwL


You can request an appointment with one of the [i]Mentors to see what you would like to know and to clear your doubts, at this email: timalu@timaluacademy.com


 [i]Planos Maestros Cósmicos Holográficos - Grams

Patty Proal

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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