T.t.A. Cosmic [i]Suit

TarMaJo-o | ti-MaLu_uu | Ana´a Anamaká
Traje Cósmico TtA

One of the most beautiful gifts that humanity has received is the T.t.A. Cosmic Suit.

A tool that allows you to have intimate and deep connection and communication with the soul. Being Multidimensional, it allows, in a no time state (Omega State), to get in touch with other realities and dimensions. Just by activating it, you automatically align your energy systems such as the chakras, nadis, meridians. It makes you very aware of the here and now, of your physical body. It also makes you feel protected, strengthened,  with a deep inner peace, among many other things.

This Cosmic [i]Suit is made up of three ingredients and I am going to tell you a little about them.

TarMaJo_o is a Membrane, a Cosmic [i]Matrix that allows you to travel beyond time-space. It is a communication center between the Universe / Multiverse, Gaia (Mother Earth) and you.It is a gift from the consciences of the Pleiadian Guides, the Dolphins and the Eloheim angels.

ti-MaLu_uu,  Universal Love, is frequency, energy, consciousness, the center of the universe.It is the gravitational force that unites and maintains the universe in divine order. The Center of Centers through which, with intention, we can reach our supra existence within the Everything and Nothing. It helps you eliminate blockages and resistances that you may have in all your bodies: physical, quantum and cosmic. It nourishes our body through the lines of light and consciousness of the TarMAJo-o  [i]Matrix.

Ana´a Anamaká, in  aKhu·na Consciousness Language, is the conscious connection in gratitude and grounding with Gaia (Mother Earth). It allows us to be aware of our physical body in the here and now and, at the same time to be in a beautiful unification with the universe. It gives us roots, support through our crystalline energy roots, and this allows us to evolve in balance, at our own pace.

By creating that connection with Gaia through Ana´a AnamaKá, we materialize in every way and we can recognize who we are.

The conscious integration of the T.t.A. Suit changes your perspectives, and this leads you to live in another way - more authentic, without drama, from the vibration of Universal Love - the grounding  with Gaia, with a deep and constant nourishment from the multiverse.

The Cosmic [i]Tools are there to be experienced day by day, use them in everything you want, be creative and tell us about your experiences on our social networks.

Patty proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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  • Hola ✋✋ siempre, encanta con tantas maravillas que tú cómo va la nos entregas, estoy interesada en este tema del traje cósmico pero no consigo cómo acceder a la información es un taller , una formación un terapia, me pueden enviar información y costo y fechas. Quedo atenta. Bendiciones 🙏.

    Oriana on

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