The Adventures of a Cosmic Mother in Gestation: Pregnancy and Grounding

In my previous contribution I anticipated that I would share with you my use of the [i]Tools (Consciousness Tools) during my pregnancy. Nevertheless, before I do that, I want to talk about the importance of being grounded, especially when you are pregnant....

First of all, I have to say that grounding has never been one of my strengths. I knew it was important, more from "hearsay" than anything else, but it wasn't something I was particularly interested in: I have always preferred to focus on activating the higher chakras to experience other realities and states of being... not realising that, in reality, without roots you cannot fly... or yes, in spite of everything, you can fly, but the flight will be unstable and might even be dangerous.... And since we want to explore ourselves and the cosmos in complete safety, we cannot take flight before we are sure that we have firm roots... That is why today's theme is grounding....

I have to say that, after meeting Lilly, the subject of rootedness began to take on a lot of importance, not to say that it became a decisive aspect of my spiritual growth ... and, during my pregnancy, as never before, I was able to experience in a very tangible and concrete way the effects of insufficient roots.

I have to say that, after I met Lilly, the issue of grounding became very important, not to say a decisive aspect of my spiritual growth... and during my pregnancy, as never before, I was able to experience in a very tangible and concrete way the effects of an insufficient grounding. 

For more than ten years, energy and spirituality have been part of my life: I have followed paths of personal growth, taken healing courses, listened to channelers, done and received harmonisations, activations... and I have never stopped, not even during my pregnancy. One day I was listening to a Kryon channelling and, although I was lying down, I started to feel my blood pressure drop. I started to see black and I think I almost fainted. I was very scared, but at the time I didn't ask myself many questions: low blood pressure, it’s said, is normal when you are pregnant. But then, during a session with one of my fellow Academy team members, there were a few moments when I felt myself starting to lose consciousness. That episode finally made me question why I had been feeling that way: Was it a problem of grounding? Was I grounded? How much grounded was I?

So, I asked Lilly about it... and discovered that, although pregnancy is a - so to speak - "very earthly" condition, this does not necessarily mean that when we are expecting a child we are well grounded. On the other hand, Lilly shared with me that when you are pregnant you need to be even more grounded. Let's not forget that inside our mother's womb is already taking place the incredible physical and energetic process that leads to the creation of a new being ... If, moreover, you are - like me - a very active mother in the field of subtle energy, you are surely aware that all energetic work involves a recalibration, which requires a good grounding... and now your system must support your own recalibration, but also that of the child growing in your womb.   

So, the reason for my discomfort has become clear. I hadn't thought at all of grounding myself before listening to the channelling, and as soon as I felt 
Kryon's energy, my consciousness took off without me having “dropped anchor”.... And, during the session, I had grounded myself, but obviously my grounding was insufficient.

Certainly, the activation of my T.t.A. Cosmic Suit (Click here for more information about it)  had already greatly strengthened my whole system, including my grounding, which also helped me a lot during the pregnancy. However, after the chat with Lilly, before doing any energetic activity, I started to activate my Suit with another consciousness, putting even more attention and intention into my grounding. And whenever, during a session, I felt I was losing contact with this reality, I reconnected with my roots by calling Mother Earth, repeating  Ana'a Anamakáas a mantra.... And, in case I needed a particularly strong grounding, I combined the [i]Tools with crystals connected to the first chakra. 

Try it yourself! 

Strengthen your grounding by activating you Cosmic Suit T.t.A., and share your experience with us.

Valentina tognetti

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the  Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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