The Adventures of a Cosmic Mother: Harmonizing Pregnancy (Part 1)

Today, I want to tell you about how, during my pregnancy, I used the Consciousness Tools shared by Lilly to harmonize a situation that arose after the conception of my dragon baby.

Three years ago, when my current partner and I fell in love, a baby girl immediately manifested herself to us in many ways (through messages, visions, during sessions), even telling us both the name she wanted to bear. So we were expecting the arrival of a little girl....

So, you can imagine our great surprise when we discovered that the little being growing inside me was a boy. I, in particular, experienced his conception almost as a betrayal... and, consequently, the child experienced the same thing. In fact, in the first months of pregnancy I suffered from a mind-blowing itchy belly, completely abnormal for the stage of pregnancy I was at: it was his anger and disappointment at not having been welcomed with all the joy and love he deserved. And then, of course, came the guilt: I felt a horrible, ungrateful and unworthy mother, because - whether boy or girl - a child is always a gift from heaven.

All these emotions reminded me of my very conflicted relationship with my mother during the first months and years of my life, and of a feeling - which I must have felt then - of a total lack of maternal love (even though I know very well that she wanted me and loved me, as much as she could). I realized that the dysfunctional relationship pattern between my mom, and I was repeating itself.

I did not want to carry in my heart throughout my pregnancy the disempowering emotions and thoughts I have described above, nor did I want the dysfunctional pattern between me and my mother to spoil the relationship between me and my baby.

The transmutation process began the day my partner made me think about how much this child - regardless of his or her sex - meant to me: as we talked, I clearly felt an instant reprogramming of my system with the belief that this child was really a gift from heaven. From that moment on, the hallucinating itch disappeared as if by magic. For a while, I also "wore" my Cosmic Suit, "slipping" my son into his little Cosmic Suit as well (for more information on the Cosmic Suit, Click herewith the specific intent of transmuting the feeling of betrayal, sadness, guilt and to fill my dragon baby with love.

Perhaps, your pregnancy will also bring memories, traumas or dysfunctional patterns to the surface, so I hope my experience can inspire you, suggesting a way through which you can transmute everything with love and in love.

Especially if you are expecting a child, my recommendation is to always ask your soul (or test with the pendulum or another modality you know) when is the right time to transmute a certain trauma or dysfunctional pattern. 

In my next blog post, I will tell you why....  

BLOG 29 - The Adventures of a Cosmic Mother: Harmonizing Pregnancy (part 1)


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