The adventures of a Cosmic Mother: Harmonizing Pregnancy (Part 2)

I have been doing energy work for a long time, so it was simply logical and normal for me to continue with my energy routines even during pregnancy. Nevertheless, what I did notice was that I was very tired and, at times, I struggled to sustain even the smallest energy work. 

So, especially during that special period, I listened a lot to the needs of my physical body: I ​​nourished myself well, I reduced my work activity to a minimum, I rested a lot and slept when I could, and I felt I needed it. I was also as much as possible in nature, which gave me a lot of peace, well-being and helped me to stay grounded. In moments of rest, I often let myself be lulled by Lilly's voice guiding me in the activation of my Cosmic Suit (for more information on the Cosmic Suit activation, click here), which strengthened my grounding and, by facilitating a beautiful heaven and earth connection, also helped me to balance all the moving energies in my body...

I also reduced my energy practices (both harmonizations for myself and for others) and, at times, I felt the need to have someone help me - energetically support me - to do some harmonizations that I felt needed to be done during pregnancy. 

The suggestion, especially to pregnant mothers, is therefore to feel or test what is good to do for you, all the more so if you are new to energy work. We must not forget that each harmonization affects us and our baby, and that it involves a recalibration of the system that is already busy - both on the physical and subtle planes - shaping the new being growing within us.

In my previous blog post ("harmonizing pregnancy (part 1)") talked about the harmonization work that I considered appropriate to carry out during pregnancy to prevent my son from experiencing certain dysfunctional emotions throughout the gestation period and from making his own a pattern of dysfunctional relationship that I had with my mother.

In addition, my body immediately reflected the situation of the child's discomfort, manifesting a physical disorder (as I said, incredible itching) that I would not have been able to bear until the delivery, bearing in mind that I did not want to use cortisone creams that could have repercussions on the child health. Therefore, it is my own body that, in this case, forced me to deal with the situation immediately.

However, I can speak of another situation, also experienced during pregnancy, in which I considered it opportune to do harmonization work only after the birth of the baby.

I will tell about it in my next blog…



Valentina Tognetti

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center


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