Earth and Cosmic Animals from Orion | Part 1 The Dog

The animal kingdom is wonderful and there are two species that have had a very important and close correlation with humans: the dog and the cat.  

The relationship between the dog and the  human being started as mutual service: the dog took care that the other animals did not approach the human and the human provided it with food- the leftovers of what he hunted.  

Dogs, these wonderful beings, have been defined "human's best friends". They are not only animals that take care of us or accompany us: their existence has a deeper meaning.

Los Animales terrenos y cósmicos desde Orión  | Parte 1 El Perro

Dogs are said to be beings that were sent from the stars to help humans learn about unconditional love.

They are energy receptor beings, they are also multidimensional and extra-sensory, they perceive not only if someone wants to physically harm their human partner, but also if there is energy that wants to interfere with their energy, so they decide to be like a shield so that they do not energetically affect your partner @ human @.

When the dog sleeps, it enters other frequencies, just like the human being. They have unfoldments or trips, (astral and etheric). The dog is a guardian on the astral plane, and it can be visualized differently than it is on this physical plane.

The continuous movement of its tail activates and enhances its first chakras (root and sacral), increasing its vibratory field and that of the person who cares for it. These chakras are where the life force and extra sensory perception reside (not to be confused with "third eye"). A dog will always raise the emotional frequency of the human being.

Animals are wonderful, they have a clear mission on this planet, accompanying us in our evolution.

Of something I am sure, each one of them has a purpose in the balance of life on this planet and in the universe, since there are also beautiful cosmic animal energies.

Now, in the Umi Na uLa Project, we are supported by the consciousnesses of the dolphins, whales, bees and many more. 

Patty Proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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