Earth and Cosmic Animals from Orion | Part 2 The Cat

In ancient Egypt, cats were considered gods because of their connection to the invisible world. Like dogs, cats are also our protectors in the energetic world.

During their waking hours, cats "cleanse" the house of intrusive energies. When they sleep, they filter and transform this energy. The cat can often be in places with low circulation of vital energy, and by simply being there it activates and raises the vibration of the area.

They guard our bedrooms from undesirable energies when we are sleeping; this is why they like to sleep with us in bed and very close to us. 

Cats are monitors of our evolution. During their life with us, on a daily basis, they transmit information to the higher dimensions, serving as radars and transmitters. In addition to that, as energy transformers, they assist in healing, playing a role similar to that of crystals.

Pay attention to how cats react to visitors coming to your home. Many times they try to protect you from a negative or heavy energy field.  If you see that they do not want to approach the person or become nervous in its presence, it is an indicator that its energy is not optimal for you and your home. 

When an animal appears before you or around you, open yourself to perceive why it is there, what it is saying to you or what it is helping you with: it may be a physical representation of cosmic animals that bring a message to you.  

You may encounter different cosmic animals on the different planes of your being and of consciousness. Whenever there is an animal around you, it is because it is supporting you in the process you are going through.  


     Earth and Cosmic Animals from Orion | Part 2 The Cat


In the Orion [i]Codes there are the consciousnesses of these wonderful cosmic beings:  animal consciousnesses, “translated” into symbols, which you can integrate into your daily activations and meditations. 

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