Cosmic Mother

Mother, a word that means so much. You can feel it like a cycle... gestation, giving birth, dedication, commitment, nurturing, learning, love.

Being a Mother means never being alone, thinking about others, changing your life, time and even way of thinking and seeing things, giving yourself fully to help these new beings to move forward, through teachings and tools for life.

In this beautiful consciousness that is changing and evolving, that is in continuous transition, the Cosmic Mother has arrived beyond gender, with a higher vibration, in the consciousness planes of •Uni Ma.

We are women and men, who - through our own evolution - are preparing to gestate, in the womb of the Cosmic Mother who lives in us, the seed that will nurture and take care of this new creation.

We need [i]Tools for this evolution, ascension and creation, which we will get to know little by little, since they have never been on the planet before.

As Cosmic Mothers, will support the new Project Umi Na uLa, the consciousness of New Human Being and the creation of six new Universes. 

Do you feel this emotion in your heart? You are on the right track ...

Let's celebrate together the Mother who lives in you.

Uli_ame-• | The Cosmic Mother [i]Journey... beyond gender... for more information:

Patty proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

Cosmic Mother


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