Ever since we are little, we are shown the wonderful world of magic, with wizards, in tales and movies. We grew up with the idea of castles with dragons, magic wands, wizards with tunics and a giant, pointed hat, or magicians with an elegant tuxedo and top hat, from which he would pull out a white rabbit. As well as with magical forests in which elves, fairies, and endless different beings lived.


Who creates magic according to popular beliefs?

Well, magicians and wizards, who control supernatural powers, who have power over both chemical and natural elements; this sounds like being in very profound contact with Mother Earth Gaia. Acts of magic are also called enchantments, which means pushing towards or reaching fascination or attraction towards something, which is unreachable or unimaginable for you, according to your beliefs.  


And do you know where magic lies?

Well, inside you, your power as a magician, the wonderful Devic world, of fairies, elves, magicians, wizards, unicorns, dragons, the door at the end of the rainbow, and much more.
You have the great power of magic within you, you can be as much of a wizard as you want, when you want it.
Walt Disney said that our biggest resource is our mind, dreaming, and if you dream it, you CREATE it; with the main ingredient that is intention and your internal strength.
That is magic; creating your own reality and fantastic beings. Yes, those from fairytales are here to support you in this wonderful process of creation, to develop your full potential.
Internal Gaia, along with all those consciousnesses, support you, nurture you to make your dreams come true.
Magic is inside you, discover it and you will be able to realize that the stories you were told as a child, and your dreams, are true in your reality.



“Live the magic within you”

Patty Proal

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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  • Magiaaaa!!

    Mariel on
  • Gracias por tanto amor Patty. Totalmente de acuerdo, la magy siempre está dentro de nosotros, somos los cocreadores de ese encanto. Nuestra imaginación inagotable

    Marbely Contreras on

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