New Thirteen-Year Cycle

There are three synchronized time fractals based on number 13 that co-exist. The 13 supports the evolutionary spiral and is divided into:


First Fractal of Time

1) 13 days, called Wavespell, which is the minimum unit of evolution. Every 13 days there is an evolutionary spiral synchronized with a galactic tone and archetype.

Onda Encantada

Second Fractal of Time

2) 13 Moons (year), from 2020-2021, ruled by the Wavespell of the Blue Lunar Storm.

Onda Encantada de la Tormenta Lunar Azul 2020-2021

The function of the Storm is Energy: its action is to catalyze and its power is Self-generation.

The Lunar Tone of the year showed the challenges, the contradictions of the system, the false structures of reality, the outdated concepts or ideas, in order to generate a deep self-transformation,
accelerating processes of change, purification of energy, restoring the balance between Dualities (Female-Male, internal-external, Cosmos-Earth, etc.)


The Storm accelerated the metamorphosis process to become a Wizard on Earth and for Earth; by restoring balance, transcending opposites, the illusion of separation. All this with the purpose of discovering your true Self without attachments, in balance  in front of uncertainty. A year to create new internal spaces, to move in new energies, to achieve self-transformation and  find balance.


Third Fractal of Time

3) 13-year Wavespell of the White  Wizard

The 13-year Wavespell of the White Wizard lasts from 2019 - 2020 to 2031 - 2032. Its function is receptivity, its action is enchanting and its power is timelessness.
It is a cycle to align and transcend the time known as artificial, or three-dimensional, and to surrender to the "Always Continuous Present" of Fourth-dimensional Time, thereby strengthening the receptivity to evolve - from this surrender - in the consciousness of the here and now.

Enchant the "now" achieving the magical powers that arise from knowledge and wisdom in connection with the Whole.

A cycle to expand the mind and consciousness, to open the psychic channels, to awaken the powers of the Magician that lie in each one, and share all his magic with everyone around him.

Thirteen years  to resound in the powers of the Wizard and to refine all connection processes: with oneself, with the planet, with the cosmos, etc. May these thirteen years be pure magic for you

 Frecuencia 13:20




Moni Bañales

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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