Conscious Production with Gaia

Gaia, Mother Earth, a wonderful being that shelters us, nourishes us, gives us life and provides us with everything we need and allows us to evolve along with her.
The Timalu Academy is fully committed to her (Gaia) and to the Environment. For this reason, we have decided that people and companies who are in some way connected with us must have the same responsibility and commitment to mitigate the impact on the environment and protect our Mother Earth.
We have focused on sustainable paper and printing  for the production of our [i]Tools, such as the [i]Codes and the Grams, reducing the environmental impact by using materials - mainly natural - and processes that respect the environment.
The materials we are using are certified raw materials (papers from sustainable forests and inks with a higher content of vegetable oils).
The use of vegetable-based inks promotes the preservation of the planet's environment. Conventional inks contain approximately 35% volatile organic compounds (VOCs), whereas  the vegetable inks used for our [i]Tools contain less than 10% VOCs.
Let us remind that these are Consciousness Tools: they have their own energy, and when using materials that our environment offers us, as our ancestors used them, the more natural they can be, the closer we are to being coherent in our thinking, feeling and being.

       Blog 9 - Conscious Production

This is how Lilly Wong, the Timalu Academy and the entire team are committed to accompanying you in your evolution of consciousness: being empathetic and responsible with Gaia.

I invite you to have your own [i]Tools and experiment with them.
You can get them in this link:


Patty proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center


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