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5G is certainly a hot topic here in Switzerland, as - I guess - in other parts of the world. A large part of the Swiss population is afraid of it and is taking legal action to try to prevent the installation of new antennas... they are sprouting up everywhere, like mushrooms. This issue is very close to my heart, as the authorization to build a 5G antenna near my house has been recently issued.

So the question is: what can we do to protect ourselves from these waves which, according to many experts, are harmful to our health?

Certainly, opposing the installation of antennas is one way, but it is not always an effective strategy because - as we all know - there are big economic interests at stake, and often the individual does not have the financial resources to fight against the big telephone companies.

So what to do: get devices (there are already several on the market) to contain the harmful effects of 5G? That is certainly also a possibility. However, in this view of things, we put ourselves in the - decidedly disempowering - position of victim, of someone who has to defend himself against something, and this thought alone lowers our vibrations. On the other hand, what do we do if one day we forget our protection device at home?

Some time ago I read a reflection by Prageet Harris on a message from his guide Alcazar. The message was that energy is neither positive nor negative; energy is simply energy. It is how you receive it, how you judge that energy, that makes it positive or negative, beneficial or harmful. So Prageet's invitation was not to try to protect us from 5G, as well as similar energies, but to invite our Higher Self, our guides, our physical body, to receive and adapt those frequencies to be beneficial to us. I said to myself, wow, definitely a new paradigm on 5G. And moreover, a paradigm that empowers us, rather than disempowering us.

So I thought back to the magic [i]Suit T.t.A. and its various benefits (for more information, click here: Among other things, the Cosmic Suit aligns all our energy and consciousness systems (the known ones, such as the chakras, the merkaba, the meridians, etc., but also those that are not yet known), with the consequence that our energy body is strengthened.

One of the benefits is that we will be less influenced by unwanted external energies, be it emotions or thoughts of the people around us or the waves emitted by 5G antennas or any other device. Of course, the more consciously we activate our Suit, the stronger it will be and the more permanent it will become, like a second skin, so to speak. And we can do this at any time, wherever we are! So let's remember to wear our Light Suit every day!

Let's not forget the power we have to instruct our innate: at iLanguage aKhu • na (Language of Consciousness), our dear i_Noa. Let us ask him - as Prageet suggested - to transmute that frequency and make it beneficial ... So why not activate our Light Suit by also giving this specific instruction to the body?     

How I like my Cosmic Suit !!!

Reflexiones sobre la 5G

Valentina Tognetti

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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