Yes, I do

My spiritual path in full consciousness began with these two words: "Yes, I do".

Si, Acepto

I have said this twice in my life: when I married, my current husband at the age of 25 (although not so consciously) and when I decided to remember who I am. 

It's amazing how the soul screams at you when there is something that really is for you. Life prepares you for those moments, in which - if you decide to listen to it and, more than anything, to pay attention to it - it leads you to live the most wonderful experience you can imagine.

The mind does its job: it is very willful and used to doing and undoing. It cannot be removed, allowing only the intuition to act. "No, no!" says the mind, "you can't", "it is too much for you", "there is no way you can do it"... Endless disempowering thoughts attacking you, literally. While your soul, like an internal drum, rumbles of sensations, emotions, vibrations that give you shivers and cause your heart to beat faster.

This has been my foray into the magic of my personal growth: through listening to my soul, deciding what I wanted and, at that moment, letting go of everything, surrendering fully to the universe and allowing its help, in order to achieve what I wanted and needed so much in that moment of my life...

The magic of Consciousness.

So simple, so committed, so surrendered... I just let it go and let it flow for my evolution.  

Tell me your story. 

Patty proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center



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  • Yes, I Do!!! I say yes to remember who I am, where I come from and to express all that I am here on Earth.
    I totally identify with you, I have heard that voice that rumbles in my heart, thank for sharing your experience!

    Paloma on

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