13 Moon Synchronary

Each tone that accompanies the Moon has a specific function to achieve the evolutionary spiral. The functions of each tone are as follows:




Magnetic Moon

Tone 1: Identify purpose.  

What is my goal?

Lunar moon

Tone 2: Identify challenge.

What are the obstacles?

Electric Moon 

Tone 3: Identify service. 

How can I reach the goal?

Self-Existing Moon

Tone 4: Identify form.

What is the form of action?

Overtone Moon 

Tone 5: Take command. 

Gather resources

Rhythmic Moon

Tone 6: Command equality.  

Manage the challenge

Resonant Moon  

Tone 7: Command harmonization.  

Tune service with action

Galactic moon

Tone 8: Command integrity.   

Action reaches form

Solar Moon

Tone 9: Formalize action.  

Action set in motion

Planetary Moon

Tone 10: Show challenge.  

Action and challenge meet

Spectral Moon 

Tone 11: Release service.   

The action dissolves the service

Crystal Moon

Tone 12: Cooperation of form.  

The round table meets, the past action is formalized, the future action is prepared

Cosmic Moon 

Tone 13: Take the magic flight.

Magnetic return


Sincronario 13 Lunas


Source: www.13lunas.net

Moni Bañales

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