A beautiful Pleiadian gift to humanity, that also contains the consciousness of the dolphins and of the Eloheim angelic force. This cosmic structure has arrived for our planetary evolution process, it aligns all the known and to be known - energetic and consciousness systems.


It is a structure of filaments of light and multidimensional consciousness, which has endless qualities. It allows you to connect both internally and externally, it leads you to have an intimate and deep communication with your soul and, at the same time with the multiuniverses.


Tar MaJo-o brings you from the micro to the macrocosm in an infinite way, to all dimensions, realities, to the Omega state (no time), and allows you to integrate with Gaia and with the Cosmos, with the Source.




The Cosmic Matrix contains you, sustains you, nourishes you, creates sacred spaces inside and outside of you, allows you to connect to your physical, energy (quantum) and consciousness (cosmic) body. It connects you with all the earthly, universal and multiversal grids known and to be known.


It contains and aligns - in a non-linear way - all that we have learned since Lemurian times, what we are learning today and we will be learning in the future to co-create. 


By integrating Tar MaJo-o into you, you feel protected, deep inner peace, aligned, more aware of yourself.


Allow yourself to live this experience in yourself and expand your consciousness!


Patty Proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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  • Me interesa mucho este tema

    Rosa Isela Rueda on
  • Es un honor recibir tanto conocimiento, nos da la oportunidad de conocernos profundamente. Gracias.

    Edith on

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