The consciousness of Universal Cosmic Love is the highest force that exists in the universe. 

Universal Love is frequency, energy, consciousness, the center of the universe, the gravitational force that unites and maintains the universe in divine order. Center of Centers through which, with intention, we can reach our supra existence with the Source, Everything and Nothing, with God. 

ti-MaLu_uu allows us to move freely in different dimensions and realities, but also in different states of consciousness, and in this wonderful movement it allows us to expand and evolve.


We have been created by the creative source of love: humans, animals, plants, the planet earth. At some point, the human being stopped recognizing the source in himself and in others: we became mental beings. Living in an individual world, we feel separate and do not recognize ourselves as the Universal One. We are used to looking outside for love, peace, serenity, without remembering that all this lives within ourselves. 

By remembering Universal Love and making it yours again, you can bring it here and now, and use its many qualities and potentials. It is as practical as a Magic first aid Kit. 

Let me tell you some of its attributes:

  Dissolves resistance and blockages

  Catalyzes your self-healing

  Multidimensional communication center

  Cleanser, helps to let go of 

  Makes you shine

  Pampers you

  Comforts you

  The best remedy for the soul

  Goes inward and outward of you

  Allows you to expand

To name just a few. 

It is time to remember, it is time to rejoin Universal Love ti-MaLu_uu. 

Would you like to know in how many other ways you can use it?

I invite you to the ti-MaLu_uu Creations Facebook page - Cosmic Tools for the New Human to get to know and comment on the uses of the [i]Tools.



Patty proal

[i]Mentor of the Timalu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center


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