Ule niAmo_ne-i-a | Lilithgram | Holographic [i]Blueprint

Ule niAmo_ne-i-a | Lilithgram is a holographic container of intention that has limitless meaning. A beautiful inner journey to remember being a woman in these 3D, or -  if you are a man - to remember the consciousness of the feminine in you, and embody the Cosmic Feminine Principle (in our human representation, they are the emotions) and all its qualities. It leads you to remember and integrate, to be powerful, cyclic, shamanic, to be able to balance emotions and thoughts, to access lineages, to be priests, shamans and magicians.

The Lilithgram, a multidimensional universe, allows us to evolve with a constant rebirth that allows us  to integrate on deeper and deeper levels. Accompanied, nurtured and sustained, by beautiful archetypes of 12 + 1 (13) Goddesses, the Sun, the Moon and the Menstruation Cyle.

It is an invitation to go within yourself and rediscover your self-refinement, self-mastery, to be able to meet your Unique Being, your iSelf, which is the intimate and conscious connection with your soul.

Evolving from our center, we can identify the challenges, observe and decide with which of them to act in a more conscious way.

It has the beauty and the power to ground you, align you and make you feel nurtured. It is a beautiful magnetic energy that allows you to come into balance.

The mastery of emotions helps us to be in the now and to create impulses within the magnetism-space/time and to flow in it.

When you feel that some situation or person brings you out of balance, just by calling Ule niAmo_ne-i-a and focusing, you manage to enter that sublime balance that leads you to this integration.

I leave you this link, where you can buy your Lilithgram and have more information: https://bit.ly/3HT9uYd


Ule niAmo_ne-i-a | Lilithgram

Patty Proal

[i]Mentor of the ti-MaLu_uu Academy

Active member of the Umi Na uLa [i]Center

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