Cosmic iCodes of Cards

The Pleiadian and Orion Codes of Consciousness are cards with symbols representing the universal language of very high vibration light channeled by Lilly Wong. Each symbol is a divine holographic key.

The Codes are such powerful tools that they have a superior action than other methods, being able to complement it with other tools that you already know.

These card games will help you harmonize places or things, energize objects, water, places, food or whatever you require.

Pleiadian Message

"These Codes are a gift of Pleiadian consciousness to You. Their purpose is support you on your own path of evolution and ascension. "  LLßer_radü..sche

Orion Consciousness Message

"Love is vast in the Universe, it is an innate power that you have within you. It travels through space, time and many dimensions. It keeps each atom in cosmic order. Enjoy the alliance with terrestrial animals so that you open yourself to remember the magic potion of LOVE from the center of the fountain, I salute you. "  i.N.i .. Ari = - Mä. You ==.

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