Pleiadian iCode Cards | 12 + 1 Series | The Collection

About the Pleiadian iCode Cards

The Pleiadian Codes of Consciousness are cards with symbols representing the universal language of very high vibration light channeled by Lilly Wong. Each symbol is a divine holographic key.

The Codes are such powerful tools that they have a superior action than other methods, being able to complement it with other tools that you already know.

Pleiadian Message

"These Codes are a gift of Pleiadian consciousness to You. Their purpose is support you on your own path of evolution and ascension. "  LLßer_radü..sche

Product description 

144 + 1 Pleiadian Consciousness Codes Cards. 12 + 1 Series | The Collection | 4 Sets divided into: 

SET 1 | SERIES 1-3 | [i]Harmonization of the Body 

SET 2 | SERIES 4-6 | Quantum [i]Harmonization of Energy Channels 

SET 3 |SERIES 7-9 | [i]Alignment of your Quantum Self

SET 4 | SERIES 10-12 | [i]Manifestation of your Quantum Self


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