Umi Ma uLa | Multiversal Map UmiNauLagram | Holographic Cosmic [i]Blueprint

In all holograms there is a basic multidimensional lattice TarMaJo-o (the [i] Matrix of Cosmic Consciousness). A multidimensional vehicle that can help you align; sky-earth, with the GAIA grids, with the ley lines, and with all the energy systems - known and to be known.

A Cosmic Gift of the Pleiadian, Eloheim and Definic Consciousness to strengthen your energy field and consciousness.

Umi Na uLa | UmiNauLagram

  • Consciousness of the multiversal project Umi Na uLa
  • Co-Creation with Ela Ane Amanea
  • Archetypes: Your physical, quantum, cosmic and multiversal iSelf.