[i]Activations of the Cosmic Suit T.t.A. (3 bilingual activations Spanish and English)

TtA Cosmic [i]Activations [i]Activaciones

3 [i]Activations of the Cosmic Suit T.t.A.

THREE [i]Activations of the Cosmic Suit T.T.A. to root, strengthen and enhance the "TarMaJo-o, ti-MaLu_uu, Ana'a Anamaká Effect" and bring you more unity, clarity and expansion. Enjoy an energetic, mental, emotional and physical upgrade.

- [i]Effect TarMajo-o supporting you to transcend your Linear Self to your Multidimensional Self beyond Time and Space.

- [i]Effect ti-MaLu_uu transmitting the energy of Universal Cosmic Love so that it manifests in you and through you. 

- [i]Effect Ana'a Anamaká aligning your human experience with Gaia. Experiencing Cosmic Gaia in You.

This is a cosmic consciousness suit TarMaJo-o ti-MaLu_uu and Ana'a Anamaká, is a gift from the consciences of the Dolphins, Pleiadians and the Eloheim to support the awakening of the New Humanity.

[iSelf] n 1. You in an intimate relationship with your SOUL.

When you buy the whole album, the 3 [i]Activations, it gives you access to the full course. Please send your purchase receipt to support@TimaluAcademy.com



TRACK 1 harmonize, align and upgrade your Physhical iSelf. (Your Physical, Emotional & Mental Body)

TRACK 2 harmonize, align and upgrade your Quantum iSelf. (Your Energy Field) 

TRACK 3 harmonize, align and upgrade your Cosmic iSelf. (Your Consciousness Field)