3 New Human Aid Kit [i]Activations (3 bilingual activations Spanish and English)

Umi Na uLa [i]Activationes para el Nuevo Humano

3 New Human Aid Kit [i]Activations

The Help Kit for the New Human help create more space throughout your system undergoing a total makeover ... a rebirth. There are 3 [i]Activations in total:

[i]Activation of Update of your iSelf

Feel new qualities - never before on Earth - of Pleiadian and Orion Consciousness. Feel the potential of the new human being within you as you are reborn into a new Universe NOW.

[i]Cosmic Triad Update Activation 

Experience the Consciences of the iFeminine, iMasculine and iChild (Cosmic Child), as they have never been felt before on Earth. It offers you a new potential for renewal and a fresh start. You will feel sure that a New Universe is here.

[i]Innate Update Activation (Body) 

Update your physical and etheric body. Feel a cosmic shower bathing you, passing from the organs, muscles ... to the telomeres. You are being bathed with the Consciousness, Frequency and Vibration of Universal Love ti-MaLu_uu and your innate i No_a. A total update of your DNA!




TRACK 1  Cosmic iSelf upgrade [i]Activation

TRACK 2 Cosmic Triad upgrade [i]Activation

TRACK 3 Cosmic Innate (Body) upgrade [i]Activation