Lilly Wong presents Timalu Creations and the Cosmic [i]Tools

Lilly Wong, Cosmic Visionary, Cosmic Shaman, Cosmic Doula, Visionaria Cosmica, Pionera Cosmica, Doula Cosmica, Chamana Cosmica

I believe that, in order to achieve a new collective state of consciousness as a New Humanity, it is necessary to enhance our individual iSelf. A refined iSelf enables us to set higher Intentions of Pure Consciousness. "

Hello, I'm Lilly Wong.

I come from the Multiverse My An Manto.

I am founder and creator of ti-MaLu_uu Academy, ti-Malu_uu TV and ti-MaLu_uu Creations. All around co-creating a New Human Cosmic Consciousness.

Many years ago, I began to channel [i] Tools that helped me Remember my Planetary / Cosmic Purpose .. The more I opened myself to these tools, the more I received. I started to channel angels, archangels and Ascended Masters. Many Light Beings wanted to communicate through me in languages that I already knew, such as English, Spanish and German.

One day a consciousness arrived that told me to get a piece of paper and something to draw with because I wasn't going to understand the name. This being introduced himself to me as Pferradusche - the first of many Pleiadian Guides whom I would eventually channel and cocreate with. This was how I channeled Cosmic Light Language | the Language of aKhu•na | for the first time in the form of an iCode.

Later on, I asked if I would channel through my voice, but it would not be a language I knew. He said the languages we know are too limited. The Pleiadian Guides wanted to provide humanity with more limitless consciousness information. This is how I first spoke his name and my first iSound.

At the same time a Light Being, Lilith asked me if I could also channel these new frequencies through my body. She asked me to join my body with hers and Gaia’s (planet Earth) just allowing my body to be moved. This is how I started to manifest my self through Light Movements (iMovement).

Now, together with my Cosmic Team Ela Ane Amanea, we are manifesting on Earth new leading edge tools to support your process of [i] Evolution toward becoming a New Human, a New Humanity, a New Universe as Umi Na uLa.

These tools have been waiting to be remembered by YOU ... I was born to share these new divine technologies with you.

I invite you to live the experience, are you in?