BECOME Multidimensional, step-by-step (13 bilingual activations Spanish and English)

The New Human [i]Journey, Umi Na uLa

BECOME MULTIDIMENSIONAL, 12+1 (13) [i]Activations to remember your Cosmic Soul

These [i]Activations are for YOU:
Conscious Co-creator, Light Child, Star-seed, who feels ready to bring Humanity to the next state of consciousness, a.k.a. dimensional awareness.

What is the highest purpose of these [i]Activations?
These [i]Activations are cosmic support to help YOU to have all your bodies—physical, quantum, and cosmic—in their highest possible expression within a Human experience. Merging all expressions of your Soul here on Earth beyond reality and dimension.

Why they are unique:
These [i]Activations are part of the multiversal aKhu•na technology. Every time you listen to them, there is a new result, as they always work in the now, reading your Akash, your DNA, and the unique information of your Soul Journey on Earth and in the Cosmos.

These [i]Activations are a result of a co-creative effort between YOU, your celestial guides, and Ela Ane Amanea. It is being brought to you by the Timalu Academy, Timalu Creations, and Lilly Wong.


Avatar iSelf [i]Activation THIRTEEN
The aKhu•na Power of COHERENCE
The next rebirth of your iSelf, a.k.a. your Cosmic Soul 
Call for the presence of dolphins and whales

If you want to enjoy a multidimensional boost of the “I AM”…

The Avatar iSelf [i]Activation THIRTEEN is here to support you.

It helps in the total ascension upgrade of your iSelf and to nourish yourself with a Cosmic Universal Love shower ”ti-MaLu_uu.”".  

You become one with Merlin and as a result, you are free of old patterns of thought, trauma, or blockages.

Furthermore, you can allow the transfer of new kinds of frequencies, vibrations, and consciousness by Ela Ane Amanea. 

Here is how…

  • Summon Your T.t.A. [i]Suit. Wrap yourself with the Cosmic [i]Matrix TarMaJo-o."
  • Ask Ela Ane Amenea for dUr-Rna, a.k.a. the Creator's Creation Force.
  • Surrender to a cosmic head and spine massage.

So, if you’re ready to create movement in all your bone structures and want to celebrate the beginning of a new cosmic cycle in you,

Here is a LINK to the Meditation THIRTEEN (activation):

Discover the feeling of bringing Humanity to the next level of consciousness.


iPeace [I]Activation ONE 
The aKhu•na Power of FRACTALS
Become multidimensional, become androgynous. 
Experience the power of fractals within you.

Don’t you wish to become multidimensional and experience your Avatar iSelf potential?

Isn't it time to walk into the next level of consciousness, i.e., dimensional awareness?

Not to mention, you can enjoy multidimensionality already within each cell of your body…

Wondering how?

With iPeace [i]Activation ONE, become multidimensional step-by-step and remember your Cosmic Soul.

Cosmic perks include the following:

  • Become a multidimensional portal.
  • Experience your androgynous self, merging with Osiris.
  • Discover more of your cosmic self by giving in to a never-ending rebirth.
  • Become a Cosmic Diamond to see the many facets of your cosmic soul.
  • Nourish your 144 embryonic cells and multidimensional consciousness…
  • Give your cells room to move and understand the idea of internal cosmic order.
  • And a lot more!

Why wait longer? Get cosmic support to have all of your bodies in their highest potential expression while having a human experience.

Here's the link to meditations ONE (activation)…

Experience your highest potential expression

iResourcefulness [i]Activation TWO
The aKhu•na Power of TIME
Be one with “everything and nothing,” a.k.a. •Uni ma 
Experience the Echo of “Silence”!

The [i]Activation is part of the multiversal aKhu•na technology.

What does that mean?

It means that each activation is a cosmic support to help YOU, as a Light Co-creator, to bring Humanity to the next state of consciousness, a.k.a. dimensional awareness.

So, if you want to be one with the Omniverse, the Creator, Source…

The iResourcefulness [i]Activation TWO is here to help you experience the Echo of “Silence”! 

The results?

Mind-blowing! Believe me; I love all of this new technology.

Here's the full list of its TOP cosmic perks.

  • Feel the cosmic diamond structure known as the Umi Na uLa Eye as a part of YOU.
  • Merge with Ela Ane Amanea and Isis.   
  • Expand your consciousness to reach the center of “Everything and Nothing.” 
  • Nourish your consciousness and energy field.
  • Nourish all the Gaia grids: crystalline, Gaia, and Uu mie te•i•a

¡And that’s not all!

The best part is you can nourish your DNA, RNA, Mitochondria, cell, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, skin, organs... all of your bimolecular body.

And even take in the sometimes overwhelming stillness of nothingness and all of its infinite possibilities.

Notice anything interesting?

Certainly, there are tons of stuff going on this one activation…

… But remember, is all about enjoying just BEING!

Click below to listen to Meditation TWO (activation) now.

I want to become a multidimensional portal