The Music of the Cosmic [i]Suit T.t.A. by Robert H. Coxon

La Musica del traje Cosmico TtA  

The Music of the Cosmic Suit T.t.A.

Dolphin Consciousness "This Suit allows you to travel beyond Time and Space, it allows you to receive and send cosmic messages throughout the Universe and the Multiverse. Be careful when consciously choosing the intention behind any of the messages." TarMaJo-o

The Eloheim Consciousness: "This Suit is made with Cosmic Love and care for Humanity, it can give you strength in those moments when you feel overwhelmed, pain or anxiety. It has been created for the highest purpose of all. And in this time help to dilute any kind of conscious or unconscious resistance. Use it for yourself and others. " ti-MaLu_uu 

The Pleiadian Consciousness: “This suit reminds you of all the gifts we have planted here on Earth for you. It helps you to re-align yourself with the crystalline center of Gaia, the grids of consciousness, all the energy systems that you knew, but also those that you will know at the time. Use it to recognize yourself as an @ with GAIA. " Ana’a Anamaká