Music inspired by "Lemuria in YOU" by Robert H. Coxon

Lemurian Music

Music inspired by Lemuria in YOU

Lemuria in YOU… Myth or Memory?

In my opinion it is a memory in YOU. 

Lemuria ... The beginning of Humanity as we know it in the now?

In my opinion it is a non-linear turning point in Human Evolution, a multidimensional cycle. 

Lemuria ... is she alive?

In my opinion we are experiencing a new type of Lemuria in it now, but in the entire Planet. 

What do you remember about Lemuria?

  • I remember the Pleiadian and Lemurian Masters. 
  • I remember human beings capable of using up to 77% of their DNA.
  • I remember humans understanding, mastering and transcending their physical, quantum and cosmic bodies.
  • I remember that the Lemurian Wheel was shared by the Pleiadian Masters through the iCodes.
  • I remember the Cosmic [i]Matrix as the universal membrane of consciousness.

This music was channeled by Robert Haig Coxon during one of my Lemuria in You [i]Events at the Timalu Academy.