Cosmic Postcard for YOU #IAmImmune


Cosmic Postcard for YOU #IAmImmune


Enjoy the effect of TarMaJo-o ti-MaLu_uu, Ana’a Anamaká to have more roots, more unity and more clarity!

These 3 Consciences are a gift from the consciences of the Dolphins, Pleiadians and the Eloheim to support the awakening of the New Humanity. 

T.t.A. [i]Effect it vibrates, resonates and integrates from the smallest particle of life to the entire Universe.

It has great specific objectives that provide great benefits for your iSelf:

  • Strengthen your energy field
  • Expand your field of consciousness 
  • It aligns you with the Ley lines and with all the energy systems known and to be known.
  • It roots you and reconnects to Gaia, with all of her realms, elements, and grids.
  • It reconnects you with the Cosmos, from a loving and harmonious encounter with the Universe.
  • It allows you to step out of a linear life experience to open up to your timeless quantum self.
  • Strengthen, enhance and update any other type of method, training, energy training that you already use.


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